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Moxi Ring Shad 3 Inch Chartreuse Orange Core

Category: Softbaits
Moxi Ring Shad, BfishN, Perch Bait, Fishing Lure, Soft Bait
Manufacturer: B FISH N
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Moxi Ring Shad 3 Inch Chartreuse Orange Core
Moxi Ring Shad 3 Inch: The 3 inch Moxi Ring Shad is a fantastic bait when fishing for bass, perch, zander, Cod, Pollack, Sea Bass and other predatory fish! Its unique underwater action provokes wild strikes and attracts fish from great distances. This bait is made in U.S.A. and new on the european market. It is a highly versatile softbait that can be fished on a regular jighead, skirted jig, drop shot rig, texas and carolina rig style and just about any other type of finesse rig. 8 deadly baits per pack.
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